CreateRepo (CR)

Yet another yum repository

The CreateRepo project maintains rpm packages for RHEL and CentOS compatible with EPEL.


Download and install createrepo.repo yum configuration file.
Current architectures are 5 x86_64 and 6 x86_64.

For contributors

CreateRepo welcomes contributors and packagers!
To contribute a new package, or a fix to an existing package, use the following procedure:

  1. Fork our CreateRepo repository
  2. Run vagrant environment for rpm build testing
  3. Clone your fork to ./src directory in vagrant environment
  4. Make changes and test rpm building
  5. Commit changes to your fork
  6. Submit a pull request when your contribution is ready
  7. Check out our CreateRepo bugtracker on github


At this moment repository maintained by Andrei Skopenko
scopenco @ 2014